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a paper cut out of a woman holding an umbrella in front of a cityscape
40 Extremely Creative Examples Of Kirigami Art: A Hobby To Adopt - Bored Art
three matchesticks with pictures of people on them, one is holding a woman's hand
Como reaproveitar uma caixinha de fósforo - Minilua
E sabe aquelas caixinhas, que você não utiliza mais? Pois é, até elas podem virar arte! Duvida? Dá só uma olhadinha: Item 1...
two boxes that have different designs on them
Fresh Talent: Kristel Arzur
Kickcan & Conkers: Fresh Talent: Kristel Arzur
six small boxes with different designs and pictures on them, each containing an individual's face
Home - FTCMag
Love this!
there is a tree with clothes on it and a birdhouse hanging from the tree
leuk zeg
this is an image of a group of people in a wood frame on the wall
Obsessed: Vintage Needlepoint
Calico skies: Thrifting
a statue of a boy sitting on top of a barrel with paint all over it
Bernard Jeunet
two dolls are standing next to a fish on a table and another doll is looking at it
Bernard Jeunet
there is a painting on the wall of a room that has shoes and other items in it
Bernard Jeunet
Bernard Jeunet
a sculpture of a man and his dog on display in a room with barbed wire
Bernard Jeunet