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a painting with an image of a woman wearing a crown and holding an umbrella over her head
Leonard Porter - Hippolyta
an ancient greek vase depicting two men fighting
Penthesilea (Πενθεσιλεια means "mourned by the people") was an Amazon queen who led her troops to Troy in support of King Priamos during the Trojan War. She herself fell by the hand of Achilles, who mourned over the dying queen on account of her beauty, youth, and valour. When the hero lifted her helm he fell in love and agreed to return her body unharmed to the Trojans for proper burial.
an ancient greek vase with two women holding hands
a drawing of two women in ancient greek dress, one holding an urn and the other kneeling down
Download free image of Grecian lady at the bath from An illustration of the Egyptian, Grecian and Roman costumes by Thomas Baxter (1782–1821). Original from The New York Public Library. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel. by New York Public Library (Source) about thomas baxter, greek, bath, mythology, and greek mythology 421027
antique vases from the early 20th century are shown in this illustration, as well as other decorative items
NYPL Digital Collections
Pottery -- Greek
an old drawing of a harp
an old drawing of some statues and vases
an antique drawing of a vase with figures on it
Black and White Illustration of Beautifully Decorated Ancient Greek Vase by Ideabug
an orange and black greek vase depicting a woman with a dog on her lap holding a bow
Greek goddess artemis vector image on VectorStock
an ancient greek vase with a kangaroo on it's side, painted in gold and black
19 Amazing Dogs in Paintings | artnet News
Euergides Painter, Athenian red-figure cup, c. 500 B.C., from the Ashmolean Museum.