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the cake is made to look like a bee
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Tutorial: Bee (Polymer Clay - Fimo - Cernit)
several images of yellow objects floating in the water
Chicken cake topper
two white ceramic owl figurines sitting next to each other on a gray surface
Round Owls
a small white toy with pink ears and a yellow bow on it's head
Bunny so cute and easy
a close up of a blue bird figurine on a white surface with one eye open
Big Blue Penguin
Un lindo pajarito en porcelana fria
two yellow plastic toy birds sitting next to each other on a white surface with one looking at the camera
Biscuits Muito Originais- Artesanato, Patchwork, Pintura em Madeira e Patchcolagem – Portal do Artesanato – Faça Arte!
Little chicks by fliepsiebieps1, via Flickr
a small toy koala bear sitting on top of a white table next to a wall
Round Koala Bear
Round Koala Bear, via Flickr.
the instructions for how to make an octopus toy
Parent/Kid Popup
Play-Doh DIY Octopus!
several images of stuffed animals being made to look like chickens
Tutorial gallinella in pasta di zucchero
DIY Easter Chick Chicken in Clay or Fondant for the Easter Cupcaketoo cute for Easter pendants
a small black cat figurine sitting on someone's hand
Another Polymer Clay Kitty
Reminded my of polymer clay cat
an orange fox is sitting on top of a black surface and it's made out of fondant
Little fox tutorial
instructions to make a pink pig cake topper
How to DIY Cute Fondant Animals
How to DIY Cute Fondant Animals | Like Us on Facebook ==>
the turtle is made out of rocks and has eyes
How to DIY Beautiful Polymer Clay Pansies
TUTO tortue pate a sucre
there are many small toy animals on the table
Cutest little polymer clay figures.