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an aerial view of the beach and ocean
12 Reasons Why Portugal Should Be Your Next Vacation
12 Reasons Why #Portugal Should be Your Next Adventure Destination - via Huffington Post 04.08.2016 | Are you planning a vacation in Europe? Maybe you’re stuck and unsure where to go. How about a destination with gorgeous scenery, year-round amazing weather, ancient sites and incredible landscapes? You guessed it - Portugal. Photo: Arrabida Natural Park
an aerial view of a city surrounded by fields
7 das mais típicas e bonitas aldeias históricas de Portugal | VortexMag
people are walking on the beach next to the water and cliffs in the distance,
Algarve : la beauté sauvage de sa côte ouest
La beauté sauvage de l’ouest de l’Algarve | via Les Love Trotteurs 06.08.2016 | "En effet, bien que toute la côte sud de la région soit baignée par l’océan, nous avions la sensation étonnante de faire face plutôt à la Méditerranée avec ses stations balnéaires et son eau calme propice à la baignade en famille. Nous étions désormais à la recherche de grands espaces sauvages, de villages bercés par cette douceur de vivre à la portugaise, d’air marin et de vagues puissantes et bruyantes." #Portugal
the city is lit up at night on the water's edge, with boats in the foreground
a dame like me
Porto, PT- view of the UNESCO world heritage site in Oporto on the Douro river
an empty street with tables and chairs on the side walk in front of buildings that have red flags hanging from them
Rua do centro histórico de Viana do Castelo
Rua do centro histórico de Viana do Castelo | #Portugal #vianadocastelo
there is a waterfall in the middle of some rocks and trees with water coming out of it
Gerês - terra de cascatas
Gerês - terra de cascatas - Portugal
a tree with red flowers growing out of it next to a white building on a cobblestone street
Unique Experiences in Lisbon, Portugal | Tickets 'n Tour
Falling In #Love With #Portugal, One City At A Time - via Journalist On The Run 04.08.2016 | A glimpse at my magical travels through Portugal easier this year, from the fairytale streets of Lisbon to Faro's deserted beaches.
the inside of a large library with many bookshelves and red carpeted stairs
Bookstore Lello! Porto, Portugal.
Portugal’s “Livraria Lello & Irmão” Is Possibly The Most Beautiful Bookstore In The World
an aerial view of a city with many buildings and boats on the water in front of it
Porto, Portugal Great wine,food and Hospitality.
tables and chairs are set up in the middle of a courtyard with purple flowers on trees
Productions of the World: Lisbon, Portugal - Resource
Largo do Carmo, Lisboa, Portugal
the most beautiful beaches in portugal with text overlay that reads, the most beautiful beaches in portugal
The Most Beautiful Beaches in Portugal
The Most Beautiful Beaches in Portugal
the inside of a library filled with lots of book shelves and stained glass ceiling lights
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Lello Bookstore #library #bookstore #guardian #lonelyplanet #porto #mustsee
the cover of my guide to lisbon, featuring various items from different countries
My Guide to Lisbon (WishWishWish)
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