Adalberto Dias

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an architectural model of a white building
Francisco Aires Mateus
Secondary School António Arroio by Francisco Aires Mateus (Lisbon, Portugal) #architecture
an open window on the side of a white brick building next to a bare tree
Adalberto Dias | House in Ilhavo Photo by FG+SG Fotografía de Arquitectura
a room with two desks, bookshelves and a window
Casa em Ílhavo. Adalberto Dias, Arquitecto Lda
a bedroom with wooden floors and white walls, along with large windows that look out onto the countryside
Casa em Ílhavo. Adalberto Dias, Arquitecto Lda
two white buildings with wooden doors and brick walkway leading up to the front door area
Casa em Ílhavo. Adalberto Dias, Arquitecto Lda
an old stone building with wooden shutters and doors on the outside, surrounded by autumn foliage
ADALBERTO DIAS,Casa de Penha Longa,2006,Portugal
Adalberto Dias - Portugal; Casa de Penha Longa
a black and white photo of an apartment building with hedges on the sidewalk next to it
Habitação em Ofir (Arch. Adalberto Dias)
the room is full of books and wooden shelves with glass doors that lead to an outside patio
Casa em Ílhavo. Adalberto Dias, Arquitecto Lda
an old black and white photo of a building in the middle of nowhere with no people around it
Adalberto Dias | Department of Mechanical Engineering - University of Aveiro 1996
two white houses with brick walkway leading to the front door
Casa em Ílhavo. Adalberto Dias, Arquitecto Lda
the corner of a building that has a skylight in it
Adalberto Dias | “White Houses” housing complex | Photos Fernando Guerra
an apartment building with balconies and windows
Titulo da Home
Casas Brancas / Adalberto Dias
the sun is shining down on some stairs
Casas Brancas | Adalberto Dias | Photos Fernando Guerra
an old train track going up the side of a hill next to a building and stairs
Funicular dos Guindais, Porto
Funicular dos Guindais #webookporto #porto #arquitectura
two people are standing in front of a building with a castle on the hill behind them
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Funicular dos Guindais #webookporto #porto