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a mobile with different colored balls hanging from it's sides in the shape of planets
Costumes, Kids Costumes, Costume Halloween, Kinder, Fancy Dress, Mask, Fancy, Knutselen, Carnaval
Costume Hats & Headgear for Sale - eBay
a woman wearing a yellow and blue paper seahorse mask with her hands out to the side
Disfraces caseros de cartón ¡Todo el mundo al agua!
the letters and numbers are drawn in black ink
an orange pumpkin made out of construction paper
a child's hand is holding up a pink paper cutout with two large eyes
35 Malas para guardar os trabalhos
Como estamos no final do Ano escolar, já começamos a elaborar as malas para entrega dos trabalhos realizados ao longo do Ano. A primeira m...
handprints are displayed on the side of a bag
Casinhas de passarinhos, capas para guardar os trabalhos e fantoches dos números!
Gostávamos de deixar aqui as fotos de alguns trabalhos que fizemos mas que não vos chegámos a mostrar: As casas dos Passarinhos Estas cas...
there is a young boy holding a cardboard box with an art project on it
Aprendendo a amarrar os sapatos - Baú de Menino
Aprendendo a amarrar os sapatos - Baú de Menino
four different colored paper bags with eyes and ears on them, one is made to look like
a yellow box with red ears and two balls in front of it on the floor
Kartondan Mini Tavşan Golf - Baby products
the instructions to make a paper craft bee
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