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the head of an ancient statue with many circles on it's forehead and back
Head of Buddha | Cleveland Museum of Art
Head of Buddha, early 800s Indonesia, Java, Borobudur, Sailendra Period, 9th Century volcanic stone, Overall: h. 30.6 cm (12 in)
a black area rug on a white background
(#14) Mark Rothko
rothko, mark untitled ||| abstract ||| sotheby's l13020lot6sz53en
an abstract painting with red and brown colors on it's edges, in the center is a rectangle shape
Mark Rothko (1903-1970), Untitled | Christie's
Mark Rothko (1903-1970) | Untitled | 1960s, Paintings | Christie's
an abstract painting with yellow and black squares on the bottom right corner, against a white background
just another masterpiece
Japanese Tomie OHTAKE, a Brazilian national, is a seminal figure in contemporary Brazilian art; she is credited, with introducing the sparse & organic aesthetics of Japanese art to Brazil. She spent her youth in Japan until 1936, when Sino-Japanese War compelled her family to emigrate. Covering her canvas with dense layers of restrained brushstrokes, Ohtake forms simple, sinuous geometries that emerge from ambiguous planes of color.
an abstract black and white painting with horizontal lines on the bottom half of the frame
"Untitled" - Mark Rothko
Untitled [Whites, Blacks, Grays on Maroon], 1963 // Mark Rothko
an abstract painting with black and white colors
Marc Bijl on
Marc Bijl / the loss (after Mark Rothko), 2010
several pieces of pink paper are arranged in the shape of wavy lines on a bright pink background
Stop by The Met – both of them – to check out artist Lucio Fontana’s recently opened exhibit
an oil painting of a woman sitting on a couch in front of a green background
A rich exploration of the artist’s work and personal life.
an abstract background with circles and squares in red, green, blue, and black
Les grandes expositions de 2019
Les grandes expositions de 2019
an orange and brown painting with black background
by Mark Rothko, 1958
an abstract painting with blue and green colors
p a p e r oranges
mark rothko, dark period. Rothko's art always seems so simple and yet is always mesmerizes me against my pretension. I want to say "This isn't art!" But then the art says to me "Then why can't you look away?"
an abstract blue painting with horizontal lines
ZsaZsa Bellagio – Like No Other
Untitled Blue - Mark Rothko 1968
an abstract painting with blue and green colors