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several rolls of tape are hanging on the wall
Shed Plans
Shed Plans - Tape dispenser/holder - Now You Can Build ANY Shed In A Weekend Even If You've Zero Woodworking Experience!
a tool cabinet with various tools in it and an extension hose connected to the top
Kobalt Charging Station and Tool Storage Wall Cabinet
Kobalt Charging Station with French Cleat Mount with Tools
a stack of white pipes sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a wall
DIY PVC Pipe Storage Ideas 2022
PVC Pipe Screw Gun Rack. A simple DIY rack made to hold the screw guns, drills, and electric shears in the tool crib.
a wooden spice rack filled with lots of spices
Spray Can Storage | Popular Woodworking
Paint Organization
a metal hook is attached to the side of a brown wall with holes in it
Garage Storage Cabinets & Shelving Buying Guide | HomeTips
Snap-in locks can keep pegboard hooks from falling out.
there are tools in the holder on the wall
Photo Storage
Explore Taken5875's photos on Photobucket.
a woman is holding an object up to the ceiling in front of a shelf with other items on it
46 Garage Storage Ideas You Can DIY
Double-Duty Shelf Brackets
an orange bike with a cup holder attached to it
Septic Systems – What to Avoid to Prevent Septic System Failure | Plumbing Guides and Fixes
Today we are actually going to get to some really creative DIY PVC pipe projects knowing that apart from plumbing what else can you do with these PVC pipes?