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Tune in as our special guest and Founder of Trigg Performance Collective, Nancy Trigg, breaks down how to run successful experiments in Profitable Taproom Experiments: Real Experiments with Real Results webinar.
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Recipe: Emancipation Kölsch-Style Ale
From Emancipation Brewing in Fairbury, Illinois, comes this recipe that local patrons have been enjoying in quantity at their occasional Kölsch Nights.
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Recipe: Southern Grist [Insert Juicy Pun]
Southern Grist first brewed Insert Juicy Pun as a “jacked up” version of its Mixed Greens hazy IPA, “with an irresponsible amount of Galaxy, Mosaic, and Citra hops,” the brewery says. “We taste strong notes of orange pulp, papaya, pineapple, and peach.”
a glass of beer with the words recipe firestone walker another life cold pa
Recipe: Firestone Walker Another Life Cold IPA
“This refreshingly crisp cold IPA takes inspiration from our friend and former Firestone Walker brewer Kevin Davey,” Sam Tierney says. “It can be brewed two ways: one with rice adjunct to lighten the body, or another with a lower-FAN, extra-pale German pilsner malt for similar effect.”
three cans of beer with the words recipe borderlands pricky pear wheat on them
Recipe: Borderlands Prickly Pear Wheat
Ayla Kapahi, head brewer at Borderlands in Tucson, Arizona, shares this recipe for their easy-drinking wheat beer with German aroma hops, some light fruity esters, and a Southwestern twist: the addition of prickly pear.
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Recipe: Notch Desítka
First brewed for Notch’s 10th anniversary in 2020, this is a 10°P pale lager in the Czech tradition—low in strength yet full of flavor. The beer is triple-decocted, open-fermented, naturally carbonated, and “lagered forever.”
a beer glass filled with brown liquid on top of a yellow background and the words recipe verviererfachen belgan - style dark strong ale
Recipe: Vervierfachen Belgian-Style Dark Strong Ale
This big and complex yet dangerously easy-to-drink ale is relatively easy to brew well—just watch that attenuation and focus on healthy fermentation for a drying finish.
three beer cans with the words recipe creature comforts classic city lager
Recipe: Creature Comforts Classic City Lager
From the production team at Creature Comforts in Athens, Georgia, here’s a recipe for their clean, crisp, easy-drinking American lager that won gold at the 2022 Great American Beer Festival.
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2023 Lager Issue
The Annual Lager Issue is out now! Thank you to all of the amazing editors, writers, photographers, and brewers that made this issue possible. 🍻🍻🍻
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Recipe: Pivovar Proud Barrel-Aged Brut IPA
Remember brut IPA? Lenka Straková does. The brewmaster at Pilsner Urquell’s experimental Pivovar Proud shares this recipe for a strong yet light-bodied, fruity-and-floral barrel-aged ale that borrows some tricks from brut IPA.
beer cans and medals with the words recipe we fill luminous beings
Recipe: Wye Hill Luminous Beings
Described as “an ultramodern meditation on the relationship between hops and yeast,” this hazy pale ale—double dry-hopped with Mosaic and Motueka, and fermented with Omega’s thiolized Cosmic Punch—won gold at the 2022 Great American Beer Festival.
a beer glass with some liquid in it and the caption reads recipe is if cold in here or is it just me alibier
Recipe: Is It Cold in Here or Is It Just Me Altbier
For Josh Weikert, author of our Make Your Best series, altbier is the all-around perfect style and the one he brews most often at home. Here’s his own recipe.
a beer glass with the words recipe ukraine golden ale
Recipe: Ukrainian Golden Ale
The defining traits of a Ukrainian golden ale are its golden hue, a relatively high ABV, and a smooth, sweet finish balanced by soft bitterness.
a can of beer sitting on top of a yellow and white background with the words recipe twin beams belkap pils
Recipe: Twin Barns Belknap Pils
This pilsner from Twin Barns Brewing in Meredith, New Hampshire, near the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, thrilled our blind judging panel and became one of our Best 20 Beers in 2022.