handmade soap

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limeade pops are on a cutting board with slices of lime
Нарезное мыло "Мохито"
pink and white boxes with gold foil designs on them are sitting next to each other
Aprende a fazer e vender sabonetes e cosméticos artesanais
small desserts with raspberries are arranged on a wooden table
Мыло под нарезку "Малиновый десерт"
two pieces of pink and black soap sitting next to each other on top of a table
three soap bars sitting on top of a wooden tray with mickey mouse magnets attached to them
a green box with red tissue paper on it
soap bars stacked on top of each other in pink and green colors with black speckles
Manual Dos Sabonetes Artesanais
soaps with red hearts on them sitting next to some ribbons and ribboning around them
a pink and gold soap bar sitting on top of a counter
True Soapery has a variety of luxury hand created soap bars just waiting to be gifted to that special someone!