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the color palette is dark brown, grey and white
Depressed At Work Color Palette
the color palette is in shades of pink, green and beige
Vintage Roses Color Palette
the color palette is red, brown and tan
Palette / Tiramisu
a pantoned image with pink and red colors
an image of the color pink and purple in shades of red, orange, yellow
Simply Love Color Scheme » Maroon
the color scheme is brown and gray, with different shades to choose from in this image
a pink and beige striped wallpaper with vertical stripes
Palette / 1 pinch moonlight
some red and pink colors are in the same color scheme for this wallpapers
an image of red and white stripes in the same color scheme, as well as other colors
Vintage Romance Color Palette
Vintage Romance Color Palette
the color palette is brown, beige and black with some white on it's left side
Palette / Analyze And Record
"Analyze And Record" by Darksider64
the color pink and brown is very similar to each other, but it's different shades