Color Trends for Kitchen Cabinets in 2020

Kitchen cabinet color trends on the rise in 2020
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Light Bright
Minimalism is at its maximum when it comes to kitchens. The simplistic, sleek kitchen is all the rage now and we expect that to continue into 2020. The Scandinavian, monochromatic look with very light wood cabinets started gaining momentum a few years ago, and it is showing up in both urban and suburban homes.
a large kitchen with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances in the center, along with hardwood flooring
Blue By You
Blue cabinets are such a great way to add a warm contrast and a touch of comfort to the kitchen. Indigo, teal, maritime and inky-black blues are rising in popularity and these lush tones add a rich, easy comfort to the heart of the home. Try pairing your cabinets with a mix of whites, woods, blacks, stone and brasses to showcase the lush blue.
a large dining room with wooden beams and white walls
The Classic Whitewash
There is just something about the crisp white cabinets that can cheer up a room in no time. Pairing with almost any color or style of cabinet hardware, white cabinets blend easily into any home decor. While white kitchens are the standard go-to over the years, we predict that the trend will soar in 2020.
a large kitchen with an island and stainless steel appliances in the center, along with marble counter tops
The Anatomy of Gray
There is a subtle drama to gray that makes it more interesting than white. Gray is a bit edgier without losing versatility. We are finding gray cabinets in all styles of kitchens, from farmhouse to industrial, to modern and contemporary homes. The versatility of the color means that gray cabinets pair with so many different styles and they will continue their upward trend in 2020.