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an abstract sculpture is shown on the wall
Ceramic wall piece
a white and brown vase sitting on top of a table next to a plate filled with saucers
Organic Paint Palette with Cup - Ceramics
Stoneware ceramic handcrafted paint palette with cup! 🌿 Be inspired by nature's colors and textures as you explore a whole new world of artistic expression. I am now working on new pieces. Feel free up to my email list at nymla.se to get alerts for my shop updates 😄💌 #pottery cottagecore artist painter sculpture clay organic nature
a ceramic cup and tray with designs on it, sitting on top of each other
Thursday Inspiration - Lana Wilson
three vases with bows on them sitting next to each other
Four Cups
Four Cups
two white vases sitting next to each other on a gray surface with an intricate design
18 Hands
a necklace with a bell hanging from it's side on top of an open book
Artist Amanda Davie, sewing charms necklace. She re-purposed some popular sewing necessities, including a vintage thimble re-purposed into a charm. Necklace measures 28, features a front swivel clasp.
a ceramic flower shaped dish sitting on top of a floral print tablecloth covered floor
KarenLucid Pottery
5 Section Floral Dish & Bowl (on or off).
a clay sculpture of a leaf on top of a paper towel next to some scissors
two bowls with spoons sitting on top of each other next to an artist's brush
Ceramic Paint Palette with Cup