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three wooden pots with designs on them are sitting on a table next to a plant
Cedarwood Ceramics on Instagram: “A new batch of hanging planters!!🪴🪴 Thanks for all your input in the poll in our stories last week! I ended up making half in white and…”
a black and white coffee mug sitting on top of a table
Making After a 10 Year Break | Juliette Davin | Episode 520
a statue of a woman holding a baby in her lap on the side of a brick wall
a stone plaque with a lion on it's face and another animal in the background
there are many white vases on display in the same room, and one woman is looking at them
Ceramist Anna Whitehouse Created 100 Unique Clay Vessels in 100 Days — Colossal
a hand holding a coffee cup with a mustache on it's side and the handle
I made some Father’s Day mugs. :)
a white plate with yellow designs on it sitting on a table next to a wall
a black and white plate with a plant painted on it
a black and white plate with an abstract design on the side, against a gray background
Gallery 1 — Rita Vali Ceramics
a black and white plate with a bird on it