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an image with the words i will not stay, not ever again in a room or conversation
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an open book with the words your mind is yours take it back
2,000+ Action Inspiring Picture Quotes from High Quality Sources
Take it back.
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Coloured pencils — AnneliesDraws
a buddha statue sitting on top of a tree stump with a quote above it that reads, when we walk like we are rushing, we print
Purple Buddha project - Don’t rush, enjoy the moment
Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet ༺♡༻ Purple Buddha project
healthy toddler snacks that you need to try in the kitchen and on the table
30 Healthy Toddler Snacks That are Simple & Easy - Motherhood Sprouting
Learn the 30 healthy toddler snacks you need to try! These toddler snacks can be combined to make healthy toddler meals as well! All these easy toddler recipes are so yummy your toddler will love them! #toddler #healthyrecipes