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a white bath tub sitting next to a wall mounted shelf filled with bottles and soaps
a washer and dryer in a bathroom next to a tub with lights on
a washer and dryer in a bathroom with wood flooring on the walls
Mała łazienka
a washer and dryer in a bathroom with wooden cabinetry on the wall
a pink plate sitting on top of a green counter next to a brush and comb
Biscuit - Stone Source
an assortment of marbles and other materials are arranged on top of each other, including a round object
We Ponder Flatlay friday
four tiles with different shapes and colors on them next to a green plant in the middle
This months #IDIstudent flatlay winner goes to @d.creativespot 👏
some white and brown items sitting on top of a wooden table next to a plant
Pre-Construction Journey
four different types of windows with the words paginao de piso written in spanish
the modern bathroom is clean and ready for us to use
Decoração de banheiro e lavabo: 32 fotos inspiradoras | Fashion Bubbles