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three pictures showing the process of making an ice tray with sticks and wax on it
Wet-Plate Collodion Process - Ambrotypes -
Alexey Alexeev talks us though the wet plate collodion, or ambrotype process. From history to final print.
water and oil macaro bubbles book cover with rainbows in the background, text reads tips and tricks for shooting
How to shoot oil and water macro photography - The Photographer Within
Oil & Water Macro Photography Tutorial by Rebecca Spencer. Great how-to's, pullbacks. Very inspirational!
oil and water are mixed together to create an abstract pattern in this colorful art work
Sprinkle Spheres (Explored)
Sprinkle Spheres (Explored) | Week # 7 Theme: Macro- Week #5… | Flickr
a can of spam sitting on top of a table
Chris Keeney Photography Pinhole (lensless) Camera Photography
Pinhole camera. DIY step by step instructions! I love the photos that come out of these type of cameras!
there is a plate with spinach on it next to a blender and other items
Parabo Press: Homepage
DIY: Create Photographs Using Plant Matter! | Photojojo
the cover of l'antho type, with an image of a man in green
patty hanks - the author of blue river dream created using a font and color scheme
Patty Hankins
Patty Hankins — Anthotype of BlueRiverDream Created using a...
the cover of an article on photoshopped with text that reads,'anthot types
Anthotypes: Explore the darkroom in your garden and make photographs using plants by Malin Fabbri. $34.20. Author: Malin Fabbri. Publication: December 18, 2011. Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (December 18, 2011)
there are four pictures with different things to make it look like they're making something out of paper
Create Anthotype Photos Using the Photosensitive Juices of Plants
Create Anthotype Photos Using the Photosensitive Juices of Plants
the table is covered with plants and other things to make it look like they have been placed