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a person's hand holding a flower in front of the night sky
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Nights no longer look like this to me, freaking pollution.
a woman with her hair in a bun standing in the snow
Die Leute sind für Wunder blind.
Leise rieselt der Schnee ... wünscht Ihr Euch auch eine weiße Weihnacht?
a woman covering her face with her hands and the words happy may in front of her
someone's feet sticking out of the water at sunset
O Jardineiro Azul
mar e o pôr do sol
a person holding a compass in their hand with the sun setting behind them and trees reflected in the water
As únicas mentiras para o qual estamos verdadeiramente punidos são aqueles dizemos a nós mesmos. V.S. Naipaul
two children sitting in front of a christmas tree with the words believe above them and below it
Inspirace pro vánoční a zimní focení
Inspirace pro vánoční a zimní focení - Album uživatelky apacheee | Modrykonik.cz
a person holding a sparkler in their hand
Fotografie: Bryan Adam Castillo https://www.langweiledich.net/fotografie-bryan-adam-castillo/
a soap bubble with a tree in it
Lovely Scenes
Magia e beleza no coração da floresta...
an image with the words i love you on it and trees in the fog behind
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a woman is reading a book while falling confetti all over her face and body
image (1080×1080)
the manies are decorated with white and silver designs
Маникюр | Ногти
Маникюр | Ногти