im sorry

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a person standing on top of a soccer field with the words i'll never be that me again
a drawing of a dog's head with the words, i will remove my teeth for i want to remain king despite my anger
a snowy road at night with the words you never even told me why
- ̗̀Serenity ̖́-
i am very angry at you but i don't want to make you upset
an image of a quote written on the grass with trees in the backgroud
an image of a burning house with the words dear mother this is just survival
a pink background with the words if you feel nothing then why are you shaking hands?
a birthday cake sitting on top of a table covered in frosting and lit candles
a child's drawing that says i'm just a little kid stuck in this huge body
These lies sure do make us feel better: Photo
a hand holding an electronic device with the words i will not leave you
an open book with some red writing on the pages and words written in black ink