Growing Up in Silicon Valley, California.

Remembering Silicon Valley, CA!. Past, present and future things... All about our awesome valley (And places close by)! A place to post about places you used…
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BigTrak... 1980 at it finest. I had this and the dump thing too. #Retro #80's
Big track was the toy that everyone watned in 1980...
This place was the place to go as a kid! Arcade games, animatronics, and pizza! #BackInTheDay #Pizza #Retro #SiliconValley Childhood, San Jose, Home, Retro Vintage, Pizzas, Sunnyvale California, Olds, America
Bullwinkle's, in Santa Clara!
This place was the place to go as a kid! Arcade games, animatronics, and pizza! #BackInTheDay #Pizza #Retro #SiliconValley
an aerial view of the city and its surroundings
Marine World, Africa, USA... Redwood City, then and now.
Marine World in vallejo used to be called "Marine World Africa USA" It then moved to Vallejo, and the area was built in with tech companies. #SiliconValley #Retro #BackInTheDay
Just a sea cow looking for some lunch.
A sea how munching away! #Manatee
an old car is driving down the street
Stevens Creek Blvd...
Looking at Town n Country and Courtesy Chevrolet. Right where Santana Row is now. #BackInTheDay #SiliconValley #SanJoseHistory
people are standing around televisions in an indoor shopping mall with grass on the floor
How buying a TV was in the 70's
The console TV with the thing to have back in the day. I mean, it was the thing! And us kids were the remote control! HAHAHA! We would go to Sears or JCPenny's... #Retro #BackInTheDay #TV #SiliconValley
an old black and white photo of cars driving down the road
Stevens Creek / Lawrence Expressway.
You can see Futurama Bowling Center on the right, next to the old Bank of America that later became a Blockbuster Video then an AAA building. On the left was Food Villa, Bob's Villa Pharmacy and Dairy Belle... There was a gas station on the right too, just out of the picture. On a dark night, you could see the Courtesy Chevrolet sign down at Valley Fair. #SiliconValley #Retro #BackInTheDay
a young boy is looking out the window of a large hamburger shaped playground ride at an amusement park
Who remembers this from McDonalds?
McDonaldLand had its fun play structures! Back in the day, there were play structures at many McDonalds. Slides, bouncing structures, merry go round things and all sorts of play things to break our arms or burn our legs on. And weloved it! #McDonalds #SiliconVally #BackInTheDay
a toy house made out of paper on top of a wooden table next to a clock
Fisher Price Ferris Wheel
I always laughed at the mad dude spinning the wheel! #FisherPrice #FerrisWheel
an old book with the title, the coleman still earth'n drunka on it
The Coleman Still
Fun restaurant over by the San Jose Airport. It was a location type place to eat. #SanJose #BackInTheDay #SiliconValley
an old advertisement for motley's, with people waving and holding their hands in the air
Mother's... At Futurama Bowl
This was the place to be. Every Friday and Saturday night. At Futurama Bowl, in San Jose at the corner of Stevens Creek and Lawrence Expressway. It was a 16 and older nightclub. #BackInTheDay #SiliconValley
cars are parked in front of a building with a large statue on top of it
When we got home from school, and mom would say we were going to #Bullwinkles in Santa Clara. #SiliconValley
a car that is sitting in the street with someone waving from it's window
The Station Wagon where you sat in the back!
Yea, all of us had a friend with one of these... And always wished we could sit in the back! #Retro #BackInTheDay #SiliconValley
the santa's village map is shown in red and green, as well as other things
Santa' Village, Scotts Valley
This was a map of Santa's Village in Scotts Valley/Santa Cruz. #SiliconValley #BackInTheDay
a restaurant menu displayed on a large television screen
Bullwinkle's menu
Bullwinkle's menu, Santa Clara back in the day. #SiliconValley #BackInTheDay