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Meeting a bear on the trail
This hiker didn't run... Slowly backed away, made noise and helped the bear just go away...
Drone footage of a blue whale consuming krill.
So majestic, this blue whale... And watching it feed is mesmorizing...
King of the North American Jungle... Sounds like what?
A Mountain Lion (Puma) sounds different from what you would expect!
This rock slide takes out the bridge!!!
Oh snap! The rock slide gets bigger and bigger! Then takes out the bridge!
An orca attacking a great white shark... "There's always a bigger fish (well, mammal)
An Orca ramming a great white shark for dinner...
This Great White Shark totally breaching the surface!!
A great while shart is shown here, jumping completly out of the water.
These sharks feeding on the beach!
These sharks almost beach themselves feeding on the beach! Amazing!
Scuba diving... Ummmm...
Not sure what I would do or think seeing this...
Hmm... A cat with a french accent?
HAHAHA! This cat is from France!
Kids jumping in the river... Wait, those are monkeys!!
Looks like monkeys like to monkey around too! These are jumping from the trees, into the river.
Ancient glacier calved, showing the deep blue underbelly
The footage shows the colors of gaciers as they get exposed for the first time...
This snow leopard is all in!
A snow leopard launching after it's prey and falling, falling, falling... Wow!
This tiger shark almost beaches itself!
A tiger shark is chasing bait, and almost beaches itself following it's prey!
How to pack Chili on your backpacking/camping trip!
I never thought of packing chili like this! Brilliant.
Honey badger don't give a Sh*t!
Oh snap, this little dude!!!