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an old postcard shows people walking on the street in front of buildings and shops
Main Street
Main Street Taunton Massachusetts
an old black and white photo of a building
Taunton Ma for sale
Massachusetts Taunton Public Library Building 1905 Vintage Postcard UDB Old MA
the inscription on the sidewalk reads town hall, downtown city, and 156th street
Taunton, MA Personal Injury Lawyer / Massachusetts Wrongful Death Attorney
Taunton, Massachusetts
the street signs are clearly visible for all to see in this photo, and it's pretty
Downtown Taunton
a street sign that reads roseland and dancing
Roseland Ballroom on Broadway in Taunton, Massachusetts
a person holding a tray with some food on it in a store or other place
44 Things: Trucchi's, wheat bars and a city supermarket
44 Things: Trucchi's, wheat bars and a city supermarket. #Taunton
a wicker baby carriage sitting in front of a building with stacks of boxes behind it
abandoned state hospital, casket and grave markers...
an old room with peeling paint and broken appliances
Abandoned Dentist's office in Detroit, MI
two men playing ice hockey on an indoor rink
Taunton's own Olympian, Michelle Picard!
a tug boat is spraying water on the ocean
100 Years: The Boston Children's Museum
Greeted by fire boats, the Milk Bottle arrives by boat from Taunton, MA, and is installed at Museum Wharf.
the snow is piled up on the street in front of some buildings and shops,
Blizzard 2013 Downtown Taunton #TauntonTuesday
an orange and black sign that says a & w ice cold root beer on it
George & Lillian Medeiros were good friends of my Dad's and owned the A & W in Taunton, MA when I was growing up. We used to go there all the time. Nice people. I always enjoyed it when they came to our house, but really enjoyed going to their A & W!
several flags are flying in front of a building with a fountain and clock tower on the other side
Downtown Taunton flag at half-mast on 9/11/12
a ferris wheel in the middle of a park with sun shining through it's windows
Silver City Galleria Carnival- Taunton, MA 2012