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an advertisement with the words'a godly wife'in black on a beige background
God, Dance, Namaste, Pisces, King, Amen, Child
a white paper with black writing that says it's not god's time, you can't force it
an advertisement with the words when you ask god to be in charge
a quote that reads just because i carry it well, doesn't mean it's not heavy
Everything I do and have ever done is for you, to make life better and happier
an image with the words, when the bible says do not lean on your own understanding, the bible is being serious
an image with the words maybe you're not stuck, maybe god is waiting for you
If you are feeling stuck read this!!
#Godislove #God #mindset #Hishealing #genz #adulting #success #happiness #lovejoy
Food For Thought, Bible Study Schedule
Holy Girl 40 🤍
a poem with the words dying to self written in black and white on top of it
New! The Lenten Way of the Cross Picturesque and Prayer-Filled Cards with Handcrafted Wooden Card Holder ~ Family/Children Activity! - Catholic Finer Femininity