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the front cover of usa magazine, with an image of a storefront at night
LSA n°2560
a magazine cover with an older man in a wheel chair talking to another old man
Lien social n°1253
Le 1 n°254
Le 1 n°254
a magazine cover with an image of a human heart
La science pour la santé
the front cover of an article about violences conjuales liberons la parole
ASH - 14 juin 2019
a magazine cover with a woman talking to another woman
ASH - 21 juin 2019
a man and woman sitting next to each other on a magazine cover
Action co
a woman sitting on top of a stool wearing yellow pants and a colorful shirt with an animal print
Les nouvelles esthétiques
a magazine cover with a tree in the middle
Les grands dossiers des Sciences Humaines
an article in the french magazine la france a l'heure chinoise
Le 1 : les relations de la France avec la Chine
an advertisement for facebook with buttons in the shape of faces and numbers on it's front page
Le 1
Facebook : la nouvelle fabrique de l'opinion
the front cover of an magazine with children looking at a cake on it's table
Le journal de l'animation
a magazine cover with a green cross on it's front and the words, sante social
La gazette Santé Social
a man wearing glasses on the cover of a magazine
Cosmétique Mag