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a cell phone with different emoticions on it
the word e oaiu is cut out from paper
❤️Inspirações ❤️ Fonte : @rebecca.hillmt #artesanato #professor #arte #educaconamor #pedagogia
the numbers are arranged in different colors to make it easier for children to learn how to read
Teacher Organization: Using Student Numbers in the Classroom
a green paper plate with numbers and an arrow painted on the side, sitting on a wooden table
Ideias para Atividades sobre HORAS - RELÓGIO - TEMPO -- Na Educação Infantil...
two children are sitting at a table and playing with matching numbers on the paper sheet
an egg carton filled with different colored popsicles on top of a blue table
the rainbow craft stick box is filled with different colored sticks
Activities for 2-3 Year Olds — Oh Hey Let's Play