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Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson and Christine Darden in a photo from their days as NASA mathematicians. (Courtesy the New Journal and Guide / William Morrow)

Gordon Parks was the first African American photographer for LIFE magazine. A visual artist who captured the trials and joys of African Americans…He was the FIRST major African American director and is responsible for the ‘Learning Tree’ & the blaxploitation film ‘Shaft’…


and there was a slot in the back of the medicine cabinet for old blades to be deposited down inside the wall


(Mary Winston Jackson) Hidden Figures: The Untold Story That’s Long Overdue- the story of the black female mathematicians who helped make NASA what it is today

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The American Civil War: November 18, 1863: Lincoln arriving at Hanover, Pa then travels to Gettysburg.

James Butler Hickok (1837-1876), better known as Wild Bill Hickcok was a folk hero of the American Old West. He came to the west as a fugitive from justice, first working as a stagecoach driver before becoming a lawman in Kansas and Nebraska. Hickok was involved in several notable shoot outs. He was shot and killed while playing poker in the Nuttal & Mann's Saloon in Deadwood, Dakota Territory.

Navajo Code Talkers - HEROES of WWII. These amazing, intelligent, BRAVE warriors helped turn the tide of the war and were on missions with the Marines in the Pacific. Their code remained unbroken. Our hackable technology today could never live up to that standard. They did a great service for this country (their country truly) and the world. And they protected us with the very language they were forbidden to use and beaten for during the EVIL boarding school times! These warriors did what wa...

Vintage 1970s Rose Milk Skin Care Cream pink plastic bottle 8 oz container…

Ancient Egyptian standard feather fans, the Khu papyrus staff with ostrich feather carried by princes, boats and oars, Osiride crowns, feathered horse headdresses, flowers and vases. Grammar of Ornament by Owen Jones.

A new film tells the stories of three women who made incalculable contributions to the space program: engineer Mary Jackson, mathematician Katherine Johnson and NASA supervisor Dorothy Vaughan.


1984 HG Toys Cabbage Patch Kids Full Figure Self Inking Stamp This item is NOT in Mint Condition and is in no way being described as Mint or even Near Mint. Our toys have not always lead the perfect l

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