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Chibies of Disney’s Shanti & Baby Wolf , Lilo & Stitch , Vanellope & Sour Bill .

15 Books 'Gilmore Girls' Fans Will Love

Batman Returns Batman, Bruce Wayne action figure by Hot Toys

A description of secondary dominant chords and their use by composers of the common practice period.


Goodbye, Carrie Fisher Our dear Princess Leia is now one with the force :( We’ll miss you forever.

see here's the thing with me I can draw things like logos, lyric drawings, minecraft characters, and ya know just simple things like that. But things like realistic drawings of people, animals, or well just anything that looks good, when I try to draw it, it just ends up looking worse than a mashed up potato :| .......but hey, at least there are actually some people who are really good at drawing, like the person who drew Tyler in this picture!

Jamaica Inn (2014) Mini-Series / Ep. 3 / Period drama based on Daphne du Maurier's gothic novel. Orphaned Mary Yellan travels to the remote Jamaica Inn to live with her Aunt Patience and brutal Uncle Joss.

I Married a Witch 11x17 Movie Poster (1942)(The movie which the popular TV show "Bewitched" was based on.:*-) )

30 Must-Read Books for 2017 - Check out this HUGE list of amazing books to read this year!

Dear Crissy

Hogwarts themed baby quilt - Griffindor (Scarlet and Gold), Slytherin (Emerald and Silver), Hufflepuff (Yellow and Black), Ravenclaw (Blue and Bronze)

The Protagonist Podcast #094: Eleven in Stranger Things (TV 2016) "Mouth breather."

The Protagonist Podcast

Things that make me sad: 1) Philip Hamilton 2) Lin leaving the show before I’ll…