'Moo' - Adorable Little Reese the Miniature Dachshund Puppy

Cut Out V-Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt


DIY Rabbit Hutch | Bend the each end of the wiremesh. This is to prevent your bunny from ...

The Fluffies & The Purrrrs

Ladybird life by Žydrūnė Ulinskaitė on 500px

beautiful-fluffy-cat-british-longhair-13~I need this cat

Store bought toys are pricey, but still poor quality. In 5 minutes our bunny destroys a $10.00 toy. So, make your own DIY bunny toys -- we did -- it's cheap and fun. Bunny rabbits need mental stimulation, they are smart and playful. These DIY toys will keep your bunny’s brain as sharp as her nails. ~DIY Bunny Toys, DIY Rabbit Toys~

'Play with me Mummy' ~ Adorable Little Grey Tabby Kitten - Aww!

Love Cute Animals

So true!!! <3 #OhlandtVet

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And that's putting it mildly...have to admit my thoughts aren't so polite when someone says STUPID things like that. These popsicle stick ornaments are so very easy to create. A few markers and other bits and the kids will have hours of fun creating these characters. Christmas, ornaments, Christmas ornaments, kids, kids crafts, easy, easy kids crafts, christmas crafts, crafting, diy, handmade, homemade, easy crafts, markers, fun,