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a colorful umbrella on the beach with people in the background
👙 @nathanimachaddo
a person sitting on the beach with a bag of food in front of their legs
a girl with long hair wearing a yellow shirt and white skirt holding a green frisbee
french fries on a plate next to two drinks
a box full of cans of water and ice
Brazilian aesthetic
there is a bowl with some food in it on the table near the beach and ocean
a bowl filled with fried food next to a can of soda
the person is holding two pieces of bread with napkins on them and some drinks in front of them
6 Mil Reais por Mês com Salgados SAIBA COMO! 😱
Clique duas vezes nessa imagem para montar agora mesmo o seu próprio negócio de salgadinhos artesanais em um pequeno espaço em sua cozinha e faturar entre 3 a 6 mil reais todos os meses #salgados #salgadinhos #sagadosartesanais #salgadinhosartesanais #comidas #receitas
a pair of white flip flops sitting in the sand
brazilian aesthetic
a green sign sitting on top of a table under a tree
a dirt road with flowers and palm trees on the beach in front of the ocean