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a wooden shelf sitting on top of a cement floor next to numbers and words written in different languages
MCI Group Offices - Geneva | Office Snapshots
MCI Group Offices - Geneva - 15
a close up of a wooden door with vertical slats
30 Modelos de Portas de Madeira → 【IMPRESSIONANTES!】
Esquadria de madeira com identificação
some stairs with yellow tape on them and the words'walk, run, text '
Subir as escadas tem novas regras - Dinheiro Vivo
the interior of a large building with stairs and signs on it's side wall
New Vancouver Community Library's grandeur a product of good timing
The view from the ground floor plaza of the new Vancouver Community Library offers a quick guide to navigating the collection (Brent Wohahn, The Oregonian)
a red sign is on the cobblestone pavement with an arrow pointing in opposite directions
Food for your soul
1 - mały fajny detal, który mógłby być elementem wejścia. Nr bramy i adres + strzałka świetnie by siadły.
Sistema de pictogramas mall Parque Arauco on Behance
Sistema de pictogramas mall Parque Arauco
Sistema de pictogramas mall Parque Arauco on Behance
three wooden trays with drawings on them sitting next to each other in front of a concrete wall
Bloomint Design | Interior design studio in Barcelona
Signage at the office cafeteria
the symbols for different types of vehicles and people are shown in this set, which includes an
a black and white photo with the numbers on it
Kristalia. Forever furniture.
Interior signage - new headquarters #signal #signage #signposting #graphics…
a white wall with some signs on it in an empty room that says toilet, shower room, restaurant
N T U H on Behance More
an empty room with white walls and black arrows painted on the floor in different directions
9h05, by Hiromura Design office (Japan) - Esse explora wayfinding e sinalizacão de uma forma não convencional (usando chão e parede), que pode ser interessante pra nós