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several burritos sitting on top of each other in a basket with newspaper wrappers
Le Dürüm Kebab 🥙
a piece of salmon on a white plate with mustard sauce and green garnish
Salmão Grelhado com Molho de Laranja
an octopus dish with potatoes and parsley in a yellow bowl next to wine glasses
Receita de Polvo à lagareiro especial
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a plate with some food on it and french fries in the back ground next to it
Receita típica do Porto! Conheça o segredo da Francesinha e cozinhe esse sucesso | Morar em Portugal
a skillet filled with mushrooms and gravy on top of a wooden table
Bifes de frango em molho cremoso de cogumelos (saudável; fit; feito com leite evaporado)