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an old book sitting on top of a table next to empty glass bottles and beakers
29-Research, I plan on doing scientific research in the muggle world and I'm sure I would do the same in the magical one too.
a bottle of perfume sitting on top of a counter
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several old harry potter envelopes with handwritten letters on them and paper attached to them
─ the marauders
a store front with many books on display in the window and an old brick building behind it
a giant dragon statue on top of a building
an old harry potter book and some other items on a table with leaves around it
an image of a castle in the sky with clouds above it and a green door
Wierschem, Germany, sunset, road, tree, castle, 1080x1920 wallpaper
Wierschem, Germany, sunset, road, tree, castle,
a collage of people with green and white hair, dressed in st patrick's day attire
draco malfoy computer wallpaper