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energy and human body | ... you simply influence the emotional energy matrix that is your life

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Goddess of the Ocean and the New Year. "Iemanjá" known as "Yemanjá" or "Janaína" in Brazilian Candomblé and Umbanda religions. And Yemaya" in the folklore of Yoruba and Afro-Caribbean.

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chakra points in animals

chakra points in animals

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Oya, eggplant, tornado, Orisha , Lukumi, Ocha, Wind , Wirlwind, Orishas

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Kundalini can be "awakened" or "aroused" from its "slumber" at the base of your spine by intense meditation or intense breath control practices. Hatha Yoga and Tantra Yoga, in their traditional forms, are designed to arouse kundalini so that the practitioner can use the tremendous energy thus released to increase the potency of his or her meditation and other spiritual practices.

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Reiki works whether you believe it will or not. Reiki has no dogma to believe. It is compatible with all religious faiths and paths. Once again, the energy is not the practitioner’s own, but the Universal Life Energy passing through the practitioner on its way to the client. As it passes through, it works on the practitioner, imparting benefits similar to those the client receives.

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El rinconcito de clarypatch: agosto 2010

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Cigana 581

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