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a quote that reads, you're healing and that terriies them they've
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#1) When it seems you are surrounded with so much self destructive negativity, you need to make time to build a SOLID MIND SET.
a quote that says you deserves an euphric, spirit type of love with the stars in the background
#spiritual type of #love ❤️ Yes. Yes I desire this. I will find it one day.
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a quote from frida kahlo about love and magic on the cover of her book, take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic
i heart chivalry.
"Take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic" - Frida Kahlo - Essentiel Antwerp
a quote that reads you were magic before him, you'll be magic after him
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graffiti on the side of a building that says just because things could't be been different it doesn't mean they'd be better
Vsco @rinaldvictoria | kindagirly
Só as coisas poderiam ter sido diferente isso não significa que elas teriam sido melhores.
Ela era mau no amor. Ela nunca amou. Films, Aesthetics, Instagram, Inspiration, Picture Quotes, Tumblr Quotes, Feels, Bitchy Quotes
Ela era mau no amor. Ela nunca amou.
a baby wearing heart shaped sunglasses with the caption at first i cared but then i was like'nah f k you
VSCO - quotesforthesoul
a woman in a white dress holding a cell phone up to her face with the caption don't chase anything, but drinks and dreams
game over tumblr fundo tela de bloqueio
@R x s e M a r y
@R x s e M a r y
a woman with heart shaped sunglasses on her face and tongue sticking out to the side
Quotes Deep Feelings Life 67+ Ideas
Quotes Deep Feelings Life 67+ Ideas #quotes