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an orange and yellow dog with the words remember who you are on it's back
a drawing of an elephant with a sun on it's back in a circle
the lion and the mouse are in front of an orange sun with clouds above them
Mickey and Company
Remember Who You Are, by Mark Englert (The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast)
the lion king is standing in front of clouds
Ten Points to Ponder On the Quest for the ‘Perfect Job’
Nunca esqueça quem vc é
the lion king from disney's live - action movie
Ideea for tatto
the lion king is sitting on top of a boat with his mouth open in the rain
"How can I go back? I'm not who I used to be." - Simba #thelionking #disney #moviequotes #disneyquotes #quote
Simba, the lion king, necklace Disney Inspired, Disney Outfits, Disney Style, Bijoux, Disney Jewelry, Disney Accessories, Disney Couture, Bling Bling
Simba, the lion king, necklace
a watercolor painting of a lion sitting on its hind legs and holding an acorn
I absolutely LOVE this painting of simba! (all credit goes to rightful owner)
a painting of a lion standing in the middle of a field with clouds behind it
Ten Points to Ponder On the Quest for the ‘Perfect Job’
Nunca hay que olvidar quien realmente eres. Tu vales por lo que eres, no por lo que los demás son.
a lion with the quote you are more than what you have become you must take your place in the circle of life
Lion King - Simba Mufasa Quote Poster by JC-790514 on DeviantArt
"Você é muito mais do que pensa que é. Você tem que ocupar seu lugar no ciclo da vida."
the lion king and cub from disney's live - in - the - wild
Be a pirate or die
Melgor relação entre pai e filho
the lion and cub are standing on top of a rock with an inspirational quote above them
This Kingdom by Emo-Hellion on DeviantArt
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