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the poster for festival caxa alfama with an image of a guitar on it
'Aqui mora o Fado'
September 2014 the Festival 'Aqui mora o fado' (here lives Fado) is back again to the typical Alfama district, in Lisbon. A great opportunity to listen to some of the best Fado singers and portuguese guitar players in a traditional place - the birth of Fado .
a man riding on the back of a white horse next to another person wearing a hat
Blog Portugal Premium Tours
Next November the Horse Fair of Golegã will be back again! The best time to get to know the great traditions we, in Portugal, celebrate during the Winter. And there is so much to see and enjoy/experience while feeling the Sun even during cold days.
people are walking on a bridge over looking the city at dusk, with buildings in the background
360 Tour Lisbon
Blog Portugal Premium Tours: 360 Tour Lisbon
the tripadvisor logo is shown on a green and white sign that says find places travelers trust
Blog Portugal Premium Tours: Como Usar o TripAdvisor Para Planear a Sua Viagem?...
three speech bubbles with different languages written in spanish and english on the top one says,'du faz nada you're welcome
#11. Idioma Caso não domine o idioma local, procure saber a tradução de algumas expressões como: se faz favor, obrigado, bom dia, desculpe, pode ajudar-me… # 11. Language If you don’t know the local language, find out the translation of certain expressions like: please, thank you, good morning, sorry, could you help me…
an ornate building with blue and white paint on it's walls, surrounded by hedges
Premios Traveler 2014: los ganadores
Portugal foi eleito como melhor país para visitar em 2014 pela revista Condé Nast Traveler España. Estamos orgulhosos <3 Portugal has been selected top Country to visit in 2014 by the Condé Nast Traveler Spain magazine. We are proud! <3
the poster for festival caxa alfama with an image of a guitar on it
'Aqui mora o Fado'
September 20 & 21 - Festival Caixa Alfama - 'Aqui mora o fado' I hope next year it will go live again! At Alfama, the birth place of Fado
the water is very green and there are many plants growing on the wall above it
Quinta da Regaleira #Sintra One of the most unique and magic places of Portugal! Top! A must see!! <3
a large group of people standing in front of a white building with a clock tower
PORTAexpresso - Aviation | Bus | Nautic
Santuário de Fàtima, Portugal
lobsters and vegetables on a platter ready to be served
Além dos peixes, a riqueza da costa Português foi sempre prevista uma grande variedade de frutos do mar, agora quase totalmente substituídos pelos viveiros que se concentram principalmente na Estremadura, uma região onde algumas das melhores receitas podem ser encontradas. A lagosta ao vapor de Peniche e Ericeira estilo, é um dos representantes mais ilustres da gastronomia da Estremadura.