36 Pins
the wall hanging is decorated with green, white and black fringes that have trees on them
Spruce & Linen - Shop Local CANADA
three pictures showing the details of a crocheted parasol with yarn on it
Weave This || Off-Center Circle Weave Part 2 | The Weaving Loom
a woven wall hanging with fringes and beads on it's side, against a white background
Sari Silk Sequined Patchwork Weave Woven Wall Hanging | Etsy
a wall hanging made out of woven material and some branches in front of the wall
Tissage - Lili in Wonderland
a woven wall hanging with fringes on a white wall next to a wooden hanger
Annalie Wall Hanging
a multicolored circular ornament hanging on a wall next to a wooden door
the wall hangings are decorated with different colored fringes and designs on it's sides
Curso de tapete artsy em SP!
two wall hangings with teddy bears and other stuffed animals on them, one is made out of yarn
A ´migalhada