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three different views of a carved skull on a wooden table, one showing the lower half of it's face
Hand carved Skull Ring - Bone
a painted doll sitting on top of some rocks
Russian doll woggle
a piece of wood that is tied up to a red cloth on the wall next to a white wall
Scarf woggle - woggle scarf
a cross with the words wrapping the eye of god and starting point on it's side
a small wooden stool sitting on top of a white floor
Banco Tronco Esculpido
Nice Try - Better Luck Next Time
an outdoor table with bottles in it and the words build a patio table on top
Build a Patio Cooler Table with Built-In Ice Boxes
Build a patio table with built-in ice boxes | Kruse's Workshop on
a wooden box with a face on it and a piece of paper in its mouth
Paper towel box:For my family
Porta papel interessante.
a person is working on a piece of wood with tools attached to the side of it
Mini Router Table
Mini Router Table. Make a mini router table for your high-speed rotary tool.
a work bench made out of plywood is shown in front of a white wall
Home Made Scroll Saw