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the person who doesn't love does not know what to do
Create a cool text portrait in Photoshop
Eu e saymon Mais
a digital painting of a ballerina in black leotard and polka dot dress
Online Creative Portfolios and Creative Jobs - The Loop
DANCE NOIR - Melissa Baillache Portfolio - The Loop
close issue magazine cover with black and red text
an image of a bunch of posters with different colors and numbers on them, including the names
Limited Color Palette / Duotones / Each slide diff color /// Barcelona Design…
several different colored images are shown in the same style and color scheme, each with different shapes
Baugasm - 365 Posters
many different colored circles are arranged on the same page, and each one has an individual's name in it
Print Design image inspiration on Designspiration
#Pôster - Opera Saint-Étienne
a person holding up a poster with the words big data summit in front of them
Big Data Conference Poster / Flyer
Big Data Conference Poster / Flyer Template PSD
several different colored business cards with numbers and symbols on them, all in different colors
H3C Energies - Brand Design
[EN] H3C-énergies is an independent service and consulting company focused on energy. H3C provides energy savings solutions to its clients, in a sustainable development approach. With more than 20,000 buildings appraised in 10 years, H3C is a leader in th…
four different types of font and numbers on a black background with white letters that spell out the
Rabbit | Branding by The Click
Rabbit Coffee
an advertisement with the words inst alla tions in black and blue colors
fancy color
three pieces of paper that are on top of each other, with words written in different languages
brochure typography
an advertisement for the film in the pith with different font and colors on it
DOMO-A Inspiration Blog
a poster with red and white stripes on it
Sotsuten Kyusan
Bond - University of the Arts Helsinki #brandidentity #Helsinki #design
the poster for an art exhibition with black and white text, which reads'snugly
eMuseum Museum für Gestaltung Zürich Archiv Zürcher Hochschule der Künste ZHdK
Panels Paul Devens - An inquiry into the spatial, the sonic and the public - NAIM/Bureau Europa Maastricht-Plakat
a magazine spread with an image of two people hugging each other and the text being read
Bureau Mirko Borsche -
a book with an image of a black mask on it
Bureau Mirko Borsche – Bayerisches Staatsorchester 2013, photography and illustration: Till Janz, Hendrik Schneider, Daniel Swan (CGI)
an abstract poster with geometric shapes and colors
Shape and Form
Shape and Form by Jackkrit Anantakul on Behance
some type of font that is in black and white, with the letters below it
C M Y K a
MSCED : 058 — NUM HEAVYMETALLIC Make Something Cool Every Day is a personal, (ideally-) daily design exercise wherein I churn out type-centric black and white drabbles using song titles, the Univers type family (Kozuka Gothic for Japanese type) and some wonderful images from Wikimedia Commons.
there's a smogi promise and a chance to begin it all right
In a place where no one is free
a poster with the words reality check in blue ink on a yellow background that reads, realty check
DOMO-A Inspiration Blog
an image of a large explosion in the air with blue circles around it and arrows pointing up
DOMO-A Inspiration blog
an open book with the words video film printed on it's front and back cover
DOMO-A Inspiration blog
25 FPS Festival
two square stickers with different colors on them
DOMO-A Inspiration blog
bootoo: Vincent Labas
a poster for an event with the words print is printed on it and red, white, and blue
DOMO-A Inspiration blog
visva: http://jimbobarbu.com/
an old concert ticket with the words demma ventt written in black on it
Alex W. Dujet Fonderie Kugler