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Are you struggling to improve your English skills, and you are thinking about using dictation to improve?  Today I will teach you how to improve your English skills with dictation.  Together we will look at what dictation is, how dictation will improve your English skills, how to start with daily dictation practice and finally tips to improve your English skills with dictation. Click the link below to watch the full video lesson
Improve your English speaking skills with these 10 steps. Click the link below to learn 10 steps which will help you achieve English fluency in the next few months.

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a man holding a black cat in his arms with the caption big words the utmost
there are two beds in the room with no sheets on them, and one is empty
a woman standing in front of a whiteboard with words that say, phrasal verbs put me off
Put [someone] off
English Big Words, English Conversation Learning
a man sitting at a desk with his arms crossed in front of him and the caption reads, big words misfit someone who doesn't fit in with others