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an intricately designed object is shown against a white background with no image to describe
no. 1417 - Jonas Schmidt -
a computer screen with an image of a white dragon in the middle and two screens showing different colors
michael hansmeyer at gwangju design biennale 2011
3D Model of "Ornamented columns" by Michael Hansmeyer Zurich-based architect and programmer exploration into computational architecture, has created a series of columns – both 3D and in actuality – that utilize algorithms and subdivision processes to generate a new column order that defines and elaborates its system of ornament.
an abstract photo with squares and lines
Archillect on X
a woman's head with many pieces of white paint on it, including buildings and skyscrapers
Lee Griggs - Cell Noise to Volume Displacement
a black and white drawing of a robot with lots of writing on it's side
Mechanic Lizard #lizard #conceptart
a dirt road surrounded by rocky mountains under a cloudy sky
Gridify: Photo
Грид: Фото
an old book with two images of people and symbols on the front, in english
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