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a drawing of an entrance to a building with the words europe 2009 written on it
Europe09: Paris... - Liz Steel
starting soon! I realised that it is just over 2 weeks till I start my summer holidays so I better get crackin’ and start scanning my Paris sketches…. This is the title page to my Paris book and it is ironic that this is the last sketch I did in Paris – it is of...
two people riding bicycles with umbrellas in the rain near the eiffel tower
K.J. CARR - La Tour
this is a drawing of a street light in the snow by some benches and trees
Paris Steps Sketch by John Edwards
a drawing of the eiffel tower in paris, france with trees and bridge
Old Favourite Outdoor Paintings
Fifi Flowers: Old Favourite Outdoor Paintings
a drawing of a bicycle with a basket full of food
Fifi Flowers Painting du Jour Gallery
a drawing of an apartment building in paris
To France & Back: Watercolor Drawings A Show
a painting of a balcony with a table and chairs overlooking the eiffel tower
a painting of a window box with flowers in it
Paris window
Paris window | Janis McElmurry | Flickr