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a shirtless man in plaid shorts is holding his fanny bag and looking at the camera
For the love of mankind....
a close up of a person wearing a jacket and looking at the camera with a serious look on his face
Te propongo un reto: 10 ejercicios básicos para principiantes - Iniciación Práctica a la Fotografía Digital
a man with no shirt wearing a scarf around his head and chest is looking at the camera
Photo Storage
Body Motivation, Fitness, Iphone, Hot Guys, Man Crush, Dude
I find and post: Photo
a man standing in front of a tree with a toucan on his head
a close up of a person with his eyes wide open and looking to the side
a close up of a person wearing a suit and smiling at the camera with blue eyes
Foto-Foto Ian Somerhalder
a man standing on the street with his hands in his pockets
a young man wearing a black hat and leather jacket
a young man sitting on top of a bed next to a wooden window sill
Truck Yeah
a man laying in bed with his hand on the pillow