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Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (13) People, Children Photography, Inspiration, Photographer, Beautiful, Inspirasi, Portrait Photo, Poster, Artist
Portrait Photography
Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (13)
a person standing in front of a tall building with a shadow on it's wall
O fotografo FAN HO fez fotografias fantásticas das ruas de Hong Kong nos anos de 1950. FAN HO é um dos mais amados fotógrafos de rua da Ásia, capturando o
an old fashioned phone is on the sidewalk in front of a man walking down the street
Webmail :: Mais Pins para sua pasta Composição Fotografica
a woman is standing in the dark with her shadow on the wall behind her,
Revista de ilustração e cultura visual Zupi
Neil Snape
a woman wearing glasses with colorful light shining on her face and arm, leaning against a wall
A supremacia de uma cor sobre as outras acontece, mas cada qual com seu valor tinge e ilumina os tons daquilo que chamamos de vida. -Victória Barillo
a woman with bright makeup and feathers on her head, smiling at the camera while looking up
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I like the idea of having my fc bright and vibrant. However I think the fc should have some more darker shades as well.
two women standing next to each other with the caption reclamar e comenar o por
a man standing in front of a ceiling with his hands folded up to his chest
Casamento no Sítio - Mariana e João - O luxo descontraído!
Making of do noivo! Casamento no Sítio - Mariana e João - Mansano Fotografia 12
a man standing in a dark room with his hands on his hips
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Making off do noivo. Destination wedding em Portugal
a suit and shoes are hanging on a door handle next to a pair of black slippers
making of noivo - Pesquisa Google
a man's outfit and shoes laid out on the floor next to each other
Bethânia e Tovão — Raoní Aguiar Fotografia
Bethânia e Tovão - Raoní Aguiar Fotografia - Fotografia de casamento - Wedding photography - Casamento de dia - Daytime wedding - Amor - Love - Noivo - Groom - Brasil - Brazil - Making of
a man in a suit tying his blue shoes
Making Of — Fotografia de Casamento - Ateliê Lilás
Making Of
a man in a white shirt and blue pants is looking down at his wrist watch
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[FOTO] Making of noivo By Aloha Fotografia