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We wanted to show you a little bit about where we work, and in what kind of artist friendly zone we are lucky to have found
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You can go to our website and make an order then you can choose the option of IN STORE PICK UP
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You can go to our website and make an order then you can choose the option of IN STORE PICK UP
a drawing of a face on the side of a building
From the streets of New York
At Lisbons LX Factory with Bordalo II, Miguel RAM, Noty & Aroz, Mário… #berguejewelry #jewelrytailor #lxfactory #designedinlisbon #humanmade #everydayjewelry #silverjewelry #bracelet
a man wearing a suit and tie standing in front of a blue wall with an image of a tv on it
[ST] Sven Teuber Photographe, Galerie
Street ART
a drawing of a man holding his hand up to his face and looking at something in the distance
LX Factory in Lisbon, Portugal
an image of a woman walking down the stairs
spackroth on tour
Stairs at train station to LX Factory Lisbon Portugal
several cars are parked in front of a building on the side of a street with water reflecting it's surface
Kaboompics - LX Factory street art, cars, Lisbon, Portugal
a jail cell with a painting of a woman holding a basket behind bars and an arrow pointing to the right
Lx Factory. Lisbon street art
a painting on the side of a building with stairs leading up to an open door
A street art guide to Lisbon | Peeking Duck
Street art outside the LX Factory
an artistic sculpture made out of various types of junk and other things on the side of a building
Street Art @ LXFactory, Lisbon • GAIL AT LARGE
Bordalo II @ LX Factory, Lisbon
a drawing of a baby's head on the side of a door with water droplets all over it
Visiter Lisbonne en 5 jours : que voir et quoi faire ? | Refuse to hibernate
#Lisbonne LX factory street art #Lisbon #Portugal
an alley way with neon lights hanging from the ceiling and people standing in the doorway
Best deals and Free Shipping
#Lisbon friends: do you know how to get to Village Underground? I went to LX Factory yesterday and saw it from the outside on my way there but couldn't find the entrance to that. Is it free admission? Thank you
a woman holding up a cup of coffee with writing on the side and in front of a bush
The Best Coffee Shops and Cafe Lisbon Portugal — ckanani
The Best Coffee Shops in Lisbon, Portugal
a black and white photo of an old building with a bridge in the background
LX Factory
Uma fracção de cidade que durante anos permaneceu escondida é agora devolvida à cidade na forma da LXFACTORY. Uma ilha criativa ocupada por empresas e profissionais da indústria também tem sido cenário de um diverso leque de acontecimentos nas áreas da moda, publicidade, comunicação, multimédia, arte, arquitectura, música, etc. gerando uma dinâmica que tem atraído inúmeros visitantes a re-descobrir esta zona de Alcântara.
a large round building with a painted mural on it's side and the words alegri anotara balha
Lx Factory, Lisbon, Portugal