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some type of writing on a white board with different colors and font options for each letter
Romances de época de Tessa Dare
Um bullet jornal nada mais é do que um caderno que você usa fazer uma coisa chamada rapid logging, ou seja, anotar rapidamente as suas tarefas do dia. O objetivo é tornar as suas listas de afazeres em uma coisa prática e fácil.
20+ Best TV Show & Netflix Tracker Ideas
20+ best bullet journal tracker ideas for TV shows and netflix! #bujotracker #bujospread #bulletjournalideas #bujoinspiration
a bunch of little toy fish sitting on top of a white plate
First groupshot mainly sea creatures! by thelittlemew
a hand holding a miniature turtle with flowers on it
Turtle inspired by Lianne's @dacraftylilninja Mount Fuji Pins . This literally took me all night, before I knew it the sun was already up. Those mini sakuras are so hard to make! I don't know how she makes them so perfectly everytime. Go follow the queen of sakuras @dacraftylilninja if you haven't already...She is so talented, sweet, and super hard working. . . . This piece is NOT for sale, I will be giving this OOAK piece to Lianne as a gift. She has been nothing but kind and he...
there is a small toy turtle with succulents on it's back
Another cacti garden turtle I made a few more of these since I know you guys like them so much! . . Also, I would like to mention... I understand that my garden turtles are popular among you guys and that you want me to make these more. Trust me guys, I'm doing the best I can These guys can take up to 4-8 hours. There's a lot of planning that goes into these since I don't usually have a photo reference. So I'm usually just winging it and experimenting while I go, seeing what colo...
there are many small figurines made to look like sea animals with flowers on them
It finally stopped raining and being cloudy...LET THERE BE LIGHT 😬☉ ...Anyways, 😅 I was finally able to take pictures and there's so many nice ones I can't wait to show all of you. There may be a bunch of turtle spam soon...🙄 💖💖 #sorrynotsorry . . . 🌹Floral pumpkin restock is this Sunday November 12th 2p.m. EST💕 P.s. There's so much DMs,😱 I'm so happy to hear so many of you guys like this new theme. Thank you for all the love and support lately 💖💖I will get to your dm as soon as ...
four sheep made out of soap bubbles on a wooden surface with beads attached to them
More minis!! 🐢🐢We underestimated how much succulents we could fit on these small babies and ended up doing as much work as the regular size ones. 😥Just cause they are smaller does not mean less work, often times it takes even more concentration. But we are so happy about these babies!! As you might tell, we couldn't decide on where to put the headpin (more like we couldn't come into an agreement 😒). What do you guys think? Should the head pin be on the head or the side?
an elephant figurine with flowers on it's head sitting on a table
Trendy painting elephant acrylic blue 43 Ideas
Trendy painting elephant acrylic blue 43 Ideas #painting
a small toy turtle is sitting on top of a notepad with other items around it
I just got my table and I'm now in the process of assembling it so that I could start work right away! I'm super excited to make stuff Here's a throwback to my first ever dessert turtles. I made it for a friend for her birthday I'm posting it here to give me inspiration for what's to come
a hand holding a tiny toy turtle with beads on it's head and eyes
a hand is pointing at several small plastic turtle figurines in different colors and sizes
And the new theme is... Pumpkins and flowers!! 🎃🌻🌹. Well... no flowers yet, but they will sprout soon. These things take time... so for now enjoy this w.i.p.😅💖 . . In all seriousness, I rarely make flower turtles because they take so long to make. So I already know I have a lot of work put out for me if I want to be done with these in time to make my Christmas themed turtles.😥 I couldn't pass the chance to make these in the fall while pumkins are in season. I actually had this idea last
there is a small turtle with flowers on it
a hand holding a small purple turtle with a pink flower on it's head