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an ipad with the text color filling tricks in procreate on it and a drawing of a whale
Alex Kunchevsky on Instagram: "A super quick tutorial 💛 ⠀ Hold your finger at the end when you’re filling the shape with the color to activate the Color Threshold in Procreate. Move your finger from left to right to change the value. ⠀ You can use it in the next cases: 🔸Setting up the affected color range for color fill 🔸 Getting rid of annoying white edges ⠀ Like and save the reel so I know it is useful for you 🙌☺️ ⠀ #procreate #procreatetutorial #digitalart #drawingreels #ipaddrawing"
the watercolor lettering procreate is displayed on a pink background
How to Create Realistic Watercolor in Procreate
Font making tutorial using Procreate & Calligraphr
three different types of pies on a white background
材料や製法から考える!スイーツの描き方 ~パイ・ゼリー・ケーキ~ | いちあっぷ
材料や製法から考える!スイーツの描き方 ~パイ・ゼリー・ケーキ~|イラストの描き方 パイ生地のスイーツ 4/6 Drawing Sweets Based on Ingredients and Recipes: Pie, Jelly, Cake | Illustration Tutorial
three different types of shoes are shown in this drawing, one is blue and the other is orange
材料や製法から考える!スイーツの描き方 ~パイ・ゼリー・ケーキ~ | いちあっぷ
the neutral color palette is shown in three different shades
Neutral Color Palette for your minimal and modern brand
an image of pearls in different sizes and colors on a white background with the words pearl tutor
Paint Pearls Tutorial 627
hand gestures with the words redo, full screen and eye dropper
Digital Art Fantasy
Digital Art Fantasy
how to draw lips for beginners with step by step drawing instructions and tips on how to