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1940 Gloves, Lady, Persona, Fotos, Pulls, Pullover, Capelli
Bathing Beauties Ralph Lauren, Portrait, Retro, Vintage Summer, 1940s, Retro Fashion, Vintage Beachwear
Bathing Beauties
two people sitting next to each other wearing hats
Pin on . BIPoC - COUPLES of Color
Mr and Mrs Extum of Bethel Baptist Church, San Diego. [He was a singer with the gospel group "The Spiritual Kings" and on Bethel's board.] Photo by Norman Baynard.:
four women in bathing suits standing on the beach
three women in dresses and hats are looking at their cell phones
three women walking down the street in suits and hats, one is wearing a hat
Casual Styles, Casual, 1930s Fashion, 30s Fashion
One Shot Teenie: A Retrospective of Charles Harris
three women sitting at a bar with stools and one woman standing behind the counter
three women standing next to each other in front of a train with their hats on
My Kemetic Dreams