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a three tiered cake with flowers on top is sitting in front of a window
Wedding Cakes
three tiered glass display with red roses in the center and bottom shelf on each side
Black cupcake stand with silk roses
a woman is using scissors to trim a hat
How to Make Dollar Store Farmhouse Cake Stand DIY
I have made some of these in the past, and I love them! I also love a bit of buffalo check, so I figured I'd show you how easy this is! Start off with a glass plate and some fabric. Lay your fabric over the plate, just to make sure the fabric covers the plate. Next, apply some Mod Podge to the bottom side of the plate. You may want to apply to half the plate, apply the fabric, and then do the other side, because the mod podge can dry pretty fast. Then smooth out the fabric. While the p…
a glass cake plate sitting on top of a table next to a brown and white wall
Vintage Cake Stands - Foter
three tiered cake stand with pink frosting
{VIDEO} DIY Dollar Store Cupcake Stand
a white table topped with two pieces of wood
Pallet & frame cupcake display
a three tiered wooden table sitting on top of a metal stand in the grass
Pallet cupcake tiers
three wooden boxes with the words hug written on them
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