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دور از تو با این که ضرر کردم تو راه و نشون دادی که برگردم پویانفر کربلا
a painting of a man sitting next to a white horse in the water with palm trees behind him
Abu Fadl by shia-ali on DeviantArt
Abu Fadl by on @DeviantArt
a person with their arm wrapped in a black and white wristband that says life
baynulharmayn: Husain (as) is the path of repentance.
a woman wearing a green hijab covering her face
baynulharmayn: Tonight is a dark night, a night of farewell, a night of loneliness and grief, a night when Zainab and the children were taken captive by the cursed ones. May Allah withhold his mercy from those who oppressed the Messenger of Allah and his family (peace and blessings be upon them all).
a painting of a woman hugging a man in front of a tower with clouds above her
Roghaye and Zainab in ruin of Sham by miladps3 on DeviantArt
a man standing next to a horse in the desert
Ashoraa on Behance
a man kneeling down in front of a doorway with a light shining on the door
YA ABTAH 1433 by Alhur-Graphics on DeviantArt
YA ABTAH 1433 by
four men dressed in medieval costumes standing on a wall
اَلسَّلامُ عَلَيْكَ يا اَبا عَبْدِاللهِ وَعَلَى الاَْرْواحِ الَّتي حَلَّتْ بِفِنائِكَ عَلَيْكَ مِنّي سَلامُ اللهِ اَبَداً ما. بَقيتُ وَبَقِيَ اللَّيْلُ وَالنَّهارُ وَلا جَعَلَهُ اللهُ آخِرَ الْعَهْدِ مِنّي لِزِيارَتِكُمْ، اَلسَّلامُ عَلَى الْحُسَيْنِ وَعَلى عَلِيِّ بْنِ الْحُسَيْنِ وَعَلى اَوْلادِ الْحُسَيْنِ وَعَلى اَصْحابِ الْحُسَيْنِ
an arabic calligraphy on a blue background with gold trimmings and ornate designs
اللهم ألعن قتلة الحسين عليه السلام
a small bird sitting on the ground in front of a roller coaster ride at night
#الشيعة #محرم #يا_علي #تهران #ويبقى_الحسين #لبيك_يا_حسين